A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Finding a new job is hard, being plagued by the undead is even harder!

To break a curse that attracts these scary specters, you must work at the mysterious bar Spirits Crossing and serve customers from beyond the grave. Mix drinks, chat, and spend time with phantom patrons and coworkers alike.

Romance the silent bouncer or cryptic spirit!

Each character has a unique story of their own and a different path of their own, so pick and choose which one you want to dive into more!

The choice is yours!


Writer and programer: Riley Adelman


Artist: Yuliya Kholodenko



Team Spirits Final Build.zip 309 MB


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The story and choices are straightforward, and for some it could be regarded as drawn from deeper narration of the characters interaction. But then, the humor from Owner's title, sappy conclusion of Cassidy's route, cute-silent treatment in Sanford's relationship, and challange in the bar service are sufficient for my bleeding heart x'D

So I finished one of the routes and I am definitely loving this game! Here's the next part!

So far this game is interesting! I like the options and the game itself is beautiful!

Cool story with options that do matter. Plays well and has some nice sounds... Great job... :)